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  Note for current TubeCAD users: We recommend that you read TubeCAD Pro Comparison to 5.8 page to see a quick overview of enhancements.

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The setup program contains both the licensed and demo copies of Tubecad pro v8.

The demo version can be used without a hardware key. It uses constant (unchangeable) values for the tube centerline. All other features are enabled.

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This page describes the many features and capabilities in TubeCAD Pro.

(Click here to view the main TubeCAD page that describes how TubeCAD is designed to help tube fabricators design complex tube layouts in just a few minutes.)


Rotate To Any Orientation It's easy to rotate to any orientation with TubeCAD Pro using the powerful ROTATE command.

See the PDF that describes how easy it is to rotate a tube in TubeCAD.
Unlimited Number of Bends No more memory limitations that were imposed by the DOS version.

Try this for power: Enter the coordinates for 5 tubes, each with 50 bends into TubeCAD. It will automatically-parametrically draw 250 true bends and 245 rotation views, all neatly ordered for you in a single layout.

Unlimited View Projection Project any number of tube views in any direction and distance.

Project orthographically (up, down, left, right) or at any angle.

There are no limitations to the number of views you can project from other views.

True Assembly Layouts Enter any number of tubes into one layout inside the General Specs menu. (No more combining layout files.)
Independently control each tube view Setup each view independently, or control them as a group. This means that you can now show one view with OD outlines while another view shows the OD with surface shading. This independent control includes every view of every tube - including true views (both bend and rotation).
Full Layer Control Now you control the organization of layers in TubeCAD. Use one layer for all entities or organize the layers anyway you want.

Font Types Using True Type TubeCAD Pro uses True Type Windows' fonts in the charts on the layout.

The Style command allows you to pre-define TEXT STYLES using True Type fonts.

New Color Control TubeCAD Pro allows you to use CAD-style color charts to set the entity colors.

The colors are mapped so that they are AutoCAD-compatible.

Tube Forms and Hidden Geometry in OD Outlines TubeCAD Pro draws tube modifications in any OD mode - even in outlines.

It even draws the hidden lines of the modifications and tube-profiles - if you want that kind of detail.

Tube Forms in True Bend and Rotation Views OD outlines or meshes with tube modifications can now be displayed in any view. This means that even TRUE BEND and TRUE ROTATION VIEWS can show end-forms.
Unlimited Preceding/Following Leg Count Any number of preceding/following legs in any true-view or rotation-view can be displayed. For example, you can display the entire tube in true bend 1, then show only part of the tube in the remainder of the true bends.
File-Compatible With Older TubeCAD Versions You can still read your older TubeCAD files, so you've not lost any of your current investment.

We don't trouble you with terms like "import". We just allowing you to load the older file data and automatically convert it for you to the new super-efficient binary format.

Smarter Block-Up Label Placement

Unlimited BlockUps Per Straight

New Block-Up Style

Block-up labels are now smarter - they know that they need to find the position along a straight where the distance to the work surface is a nominal value (like 20 millimeters rather than 20.093 millimeters). You control the interval size from one nominal value to the next (like every every 1 millimeter)

Now an unlimited number of block-up labels per straight can be switched ON. (TubeCAD used to only allow one per straight.) That limitation is gone!

A new enhanced style of block-up labels shows which side of the blockup line the block will be placed in the tube view. Simply place the block on the same side of the blockup line as the as the blockup text label.

New Properties Editor The new Properties Editor is a very powerful on-screen tool for changing the hundreds of layout properties quickly. It responds to on-screen selections:

  • Select the object or objects on the screen (like a true bend view)
    Right click to show a pop-up context menu.
    Select "Properties" in the menu
  • Edit any of the true bend view setup values in the editor that appears on top
  • Attach Tubes To Other Tubes TubeCAD allows you to attach any tube to any other tube.

    When the primary tube rotates, then the attached tube also rotates.

    New - UNDO and REDO You can now undo and redo changes in TubeCAD!

    TubeCAD Pro allows you to control the number of levels of Undo commands you can perform. Allow 10, 100, 1000 - your choice!

    New - MRU List Control Also known as Most Recently Used file list. TubeCAD Pro can remember any number of files that you've used previously. You can load them with the click of your mouse
    New - 3RD or 1ST Angle Projection Modes! Engineers around the world differ in the methods of view projection. For example, Americans often project using 3RD Angle projection, and many Germans are trained with 1ST Angle projection.

    TubeCAD Pro allows either, so choose the system that works best for you.

    NEW - Send Data To Benders Send master tube data directly to benders through a network connection using the Supravision Network protocol.

    Set the network path, then send the data automatically.

    Programmable Menus, Toolbars, and Command Line TubeCAD Pro menus are completely programmable.

    The toolbars are programmable. You can add tools to existing toolbars or even create your own toolbars.

    Even the text used used in the command line is programmable.

    New Network License Manager (NLM) Package We have developed a new Network License Manager software package that much easier to install and maintain. Plus there are other benefits:

  • There is no more 5-license minimum requirement. One license is enough!

    You can order a Network Site License for only $500 (Note: Current Network Site-License customers get this option for free when they upgrade.)

  • There is no more replacement of hardware keys when you want to upgrade to a network site license. This is how it works:

    Step 1 - We E-mail you the License Manager software for your server
    Step 2 - You plug your current TubeCAD Pro key into the server
    Step 3 - You run TubeCAD Pro and enter the server's IP address.
    Step 4 - Use TubeCAD Pro.

  • Input Data From MicroScribe Arms TubeCAD Pro can accept direct input from the MicroScribe arms in order to digitize the centerline of a new tube.

    UNBEND Any Number of bends TubeCAD Pro can unbend any number of bends in any order in any tube.

    Import DXF Files TubeCAD Pro can allow you to extract the centerline for a tube from a DXF file.


    More Information

    Download any of these TubeCAD Pro Adobe PDF documents for more reading:
    TubeCAD Pro Upgrade Brochure - Download
    TubeCAD Pro True Bend Views Features - Download
    (Each of these documents requires the Adobe PDF Viewer)