Measuring-Center-to-Bender Integration Services
Advanced Tubular Technologies, Inc.

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Established in 1993, Advanced Tubular Technologies has become the premier source for bender communications solutions worldwide. We've developed Benderlink software for intelligent linking of tube-measuring centers with CNC benders of many types, and we perform joint-development with bender manufacturers regularly to create new Benderlink solutions for their benders.

In addition to developing custom Benderlink software we also offer integration services for tube fabricators who need assistance on the implementation of corrections-loop systems with their bending cells. We are even called on to help with systems that don't use our software for linking. Because we've developed extensive applications for both Supravision-based systems (Multi Measure, Romer USA, Romer France, Addison) and Eagle-Eaton Leonard Vector-based systems, we are well equipped to advise and administrate the overall design and installation of complete communications systems with these measuring centers.

With this service, we administrate the design, acquisition of parts, and installation of entire communications systems with complex setups. For example, we were recently asked by a large aerospace firm to completely administrate the linkage of 13 CNC benders of various types to three Supravision-based measuring centers that are all connected to a Windows NT computer system. We designed the overall layout of the system, ordered the computer hardware and components for the project, and installed the system.

We offer the following integration services:

  • Complete consultation and system design based upon your objectives.

  • Complete procurement of components where possible. (When not possible, we research and make arrangements for your company to purchase the appropriate items.) In any case, we will clearly define which components you need, which components we can get for you, and which components you will need to purchase directly.

  • We work with bending companies when possible to perform on-site installation of the communications equipment. If it is necessary to call in a bender technician, we will advise you of the need for the service, and what to expect during the installation. We act in behalf of your company's interest in deciphering the technical services bending companies will attempt to sell you

  • In the case of Supravision-based machines, we can give you technical training that will help your operators best utilize the system for your application. For example, we can give you in-depth explanation of how the machine works, and how to (and how not to) interpret the error reports for go or no-go decisions in a corrections-loop.

  • We can write custom software that will convert your proprietary files to either Supravision or Vector-compatible files.

    Integration Services Pricing

    Please contact us for your integration service needs.

    For Pricing, please contact:

    Advanced Tubular Technologies

    5499 Perry Dr.
    Unit J
    Waterford, MI 48329
    Telephone: (248) 674-2185
    Facsimile: (248) 674-2157

    Send e-mail directly to: Advanced Tubular Technologies.

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