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Translate 1 part or 1000s of parts from Pro/ENGINEER the Surpavision bender data formats AUTOMATICALLY.

Wildfire with the piping module creates FIF format files that FIF Translator can quickly convert and...

...convert any number of parts in at one time.

  • Reads data from selected FIF files
  • Converts the data to complete Supravision files.
  • Every Eaton Leonard parameter value is included in the Supravision format - nothing is lost in the translation.

    FIF Translator is the only utility that translates all the parameters to Supravision - NOTHING IS LEFT OUT of the converted file.


Translate from Eaton Leonard measuring centers and benders and to other benders and back.

Eaton Leonard benders and Eaton Leonard Vector Tube Data Centers can output entire databases of parts in a single FIF file.

FIF Translator can convert all the parts in a single file to separate Supravision files in a minutes automatically.

BIDIRECTIONAL: You can even convert the data back to Eaton Leonard data.


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