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Steer your MiiC Bender to the Correct Part Shape-FAST

Connect to measuring centers to steer your bender to the correct part shape.

Benderlink monitors for commands from measuring centers (Eaton Leonard, or Supravision-based) then allows you to quickly update the bender's FPB data.


Advanced Tubular

The FARO arm uses our VTube-LASER software to measure tubes.
EL Vector
The Vector Tube Data Center uses Laservision to measure tube shapes. The communications protocol is legacy EL current loop.
The Sheffield uses
G-Tube software and can also read Supravision files.
The ROMER uses Supravision software to measure tube shapes.
The FARO arm uses CAM2 to measure tubing. Use Benderlink for FARO to communicate with Benderlink for BLM.
The Multi Measure 5000 uses SUPRAVISION software to measure tube shapes.


Store MiiC Data on a Network for RECALL and BACKUP

Save the MiiC setup data to disk for future setups or even backup for protection from loosing data.

Part storage is practically unlimited: Save 50000 x 20-bend parts to 1 GB of disk space.