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New Software!

  • The Benderlink for TRUMPF-PULZER Windows 98/NT/2000 software package is designed to allow Supravision-based tube measuring centers (like the TRUMPF-PULZER measuring center) and Eagle-Eaton Leonard Vector-based measuring centers and other remote computers to communicate with TRUMPF-PULZER CNC Tube Bender.

  • It installs and runs on the TRUMPF-PULZER measuring center, always ready to perform communications with an unlimited number of benders.

  • The software monitors for instructions from the measuring center, then performs the appropriate data conversion and translation automatically.

  • The software is fully configurable for different setups in a tab-menu setup page that is easy to use.
  • Click here to view the TRUMPF-PULZER web site.

    System Features

    System Requirements

    • TRUMPF-PULZER MEASURING CENTER: Installs directly to the TRUMPF-PULZER measuring center.

    • EATON LEONARD MEASURING CENTER: A separate Windows-based computer is required to connect to an LASERVISION measuring center. Click here to view information about setting up a Laservision measuring center to communicate through Benderlink for TRUMPF-PULZER.

    Software License Price

    This product is sold exclusively through TRUMPF-PULZER.

    For Pricing, please contact:



    Hallstattstr. 16
    72766 Reutlingen-Mittelstadt
    Telephone: (07127) 987-0
    Facsimile: (07127) 987-100

    Send e-mail directly to:

    TRADEMARK NOTICE: "TRUMPF-PULZER" is a trademark and the property of TRUMPF-PULZER. The "Benderlink for TRUMPF-PULZER" is software owned soley by Advanced Tubular Technologies, Inc.

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    Copyright © 2001 Advanced Tubular Technologies, Inc.