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Measuring Tube, Pipe, and Wire
the EASY Way with FARO, HEXAGON ROMER Arms, and Revware MicroScribe Arms

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Powerful Model-based Definition (MBD)

IMPORT, EXPORT, CONVERT, UNBEND, TUBE MODELS from any solid model package

Use VTube-STEP to import and convert any tube quickly - then send to benders

The INTEGRATED MEASURING CENTER System - the new VTUBE-iMC System is Here!

We are now offering a completely integrated tube measuring system called the "VTUBE-iMC".  The system includes one of several models of HEXAGON ROMER Absolute Arms systems running with VTube-LASER.

Click on the image below to see the VTube-iMC page.

Download a VTube-LASER + ROMER Absolute Arm PDF DataSheet

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